Quality of Pimtas products

Definitely one of the most important factors that can add value to a utility system is the longevity of the system. An installation system can last a good life and fail later if the equipment and parts used in it are of good quality.

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Pimtas or Pimtash Company, in all its years of activity, has always tried to offer the highest quality products to its customers. In fact, this is what they say. All products manufactured by Pimtas, such as pool pipes and fittings and pool equipment, are standard and have passed all international quality control tests.

The company has now been able to export its products to more than 200 countries in the world by obtaining various international standards and certificates. Facility operators in different countries have been maximally satisfied with working with pipes and fittings, especially in the field of pool and Jacuzzi plumbing.
In fact, the managers of Pimtas have always said that the quality of their products is of special importance to them.

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