Sand filter

The sand filter is one of the most important and main equipments.

Sand filter

The sand filter is one of the most important components in pool water purification, which is in fact responsible for the physical purification of water. Physical purification means cleaning the water from any pollution and physical impurities. In fact, it can be said that the sand filter acts as a filter in the pool treatment plant and removes all the physical waste in the pool water.

But what is the process of physical purification in a sand filter?

Each sand filter contains a sand tank that is filled with special grains of sand, namely silica. This sand tank is such that water passes through it, but the impurities get trapped in the sand, thus purifying the pool water.

Among the most reputable companies producing pool sand filters, we can mention Hyperpool, Money Star, Hayward, etc.

Aside from name and brand issues, there are many factors to consider when buying a sand filter. For example, among these factors, we can mention the volume of the sand filter, the power of the sand filter, the valve of the sand filter, and so on.
When installing a sand filter, there are many points such as the height of the sand filter installation site that should be considered.