UPVC pipe & fittings

UPVC pipes and fittings are considered today as one of the most practical plastic and polymer pipes in the plumbing industry. These pipes are one of the best options for implementing sanitary piping systems due to their unique properties and characteristics.
In sanitary plumbing systems, such as the drinking water plumbing system and the plumbing system of the pool and other water systems, the quality and hygiene of the water is certainly very important. For this reason, the use of metal and galvanized pipes for these cases is not recommended at all. Among plastic materials, UPVC pipes and fittings are the best option for this. Other applications of UPVC pipes and fittings include the following examples:
Drinking water piping system
Pool piping system
Cover piping system for telecommunication and electrical cables
Domestic and industrial sewage piping system
Large aquarium piping system
Greenhouse plumbing systems
Piping system Water and wastewater treatment systems
Fluid piping system in various factories and different industries

pimtas pipe and fittings

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Today, UPVC pipes and fittings are easily available at reasonable prices in all countries of the world. One of the famous companies that has produced and exported UPVC pipes and fittings is Pimtas Turkey. Pimtas Company exports its products to many European and Asian countries.